Going round and round...
when the wheels turn, the rubber burns.

A vehicle's tires see a LOT of wear and tear. Even if you drive perfectly, there will always be exterior conditions that cause your tires to require servicing. Things like potholes, nails or glass on the road, or driving on uneven or steep roadways, can all cause excess wear on your tires. Even driving the same route each day can cause one or more of your tires to wear or deflate more quickly than the others.

Your vehicle's tires also do more than just make it move. They are one of the key components in your car's fuel efficiency. Vehicle manufacturers set forth a recommendation for each model's optimal tire pressure. This number (given in pounds per square inch or psi) is located both on a sticker on the driver's side door jamb and in the owner's manual. Driving on tires that are underinflated makes your vehicle work harder than it needs to and it uses more gasoline as a result. This means less money in your pocket.

All of this heavy work done by your vehicle's tires means that they periodically need to be aligned, rotated, inflated, repaired, or replaced. Be sure to visit one of our HSE Locations to have a skilled technician inspect your vehicle's tires and keep your car on the move!