Turning the right way means turning to us.

The steering, suspension and alignment of your vehicle all work together to ensure that it always goes where you want it to, whether that's in a straight line, a sharp turn, or over a hill. When they function properly, driving your car should feel effortless – no bumping, bouncing, drifting, or strenuous upper body workouts!

Each of these components affects how your car 'drives' by playing a specific role. Your steering system directs the wheels of the car, while the alignment ensures that the wheels are in the proper position to do what the steering system is telling them to do. The suspension, made up of shock absorbers and struts, prevents the vehicle from dipping and bouncing when it drives over rough surfaces that can cause damage to your vehicle's wheels and undercarriage.

If you notice any change in the way your vehicle drives, HSE Locations will provide you with expert service and repair that will have you once again operating a smooth ride.