Are you embarrassed by how LOUD your vehicle is?
You may have an exhaust problem.

A muffler's job reaches well beyond reducing the noise coming from your vehicle. Your muffler is only one component in your vehicle's entire exhaust system, comprised of manifolds, oxygen sensors, the catalytic convertor, the muffler, and the exhaust pipe.

Your vehicle's engine produces gases and fumes when in operation. The exhaust system's components move these gases from the front of your car to the back, and each performs its own task – collection, analysis, refinement, silencing, and expulsion.

The exhaust system is also what is responsible for your vehicle's emissions and can cause it to pass or fail its annual inspection. Additionally, a healthy and functional exhaust system means a cleaner vehicle that emits fewer toxins into the environment.

Like all other systems in your vehicle, the exhaust system has components that work hard to do their job and will periodically need maintenance or occasionally, service and repair when something goes wrong. Be sure to visit one of our HSE Locations for all your muffler and exhaust service and you'll soon be driving a quiet and clean vehicle.