Hybrid vehicles use specific motor oil in the internal combustion engine (ICE) to keep the components properly lubricated and to reduce friction and wear. However, the type of oil and frequency with which it should be changed differs from conventional vehicle engines.

Most industry experts and manufacturers recommend that hybrid vehicles use synthetic type oil rather than petroleum-based oil, because of the synthetic oil's ability to lubricate and flow better through critical engine components. In many cases, the hybrid engine will required 0w20 weight oil for proper operation and better mileage.

The use of synthetic motor oil may result in an oil change that costs slightly more than what it typically costs for a conventional oil change. However, using the specific recommended products can extend the length of time between oil changes, as well as prevent costly engine problems that may arise from using the wrong products. For example, a hybrid vehicle's mileage and engine will both be affected negatively if the wrong weight oil is used. As always, the owner's manual is the best place to find the proper recommendations for your vehicle.

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