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The High Voltage (HV) Battery is the very heart of your hybrid vehicle. Making sure it is in top condition requires specialized training and equipment. Keep in mind that what we commonly call a "battery" is actually a High Voltage pack that houses many individual cells. For example, a mobile phone battery is just one single cell, but anything larger - even a laptop battery - uses multiple cells that work together.

Each of the modules is monitored and has a unique cooling control system. This central cooling system reduces any efficiency losses due to excessive heat, ensuring that the HV battery can supply required electric power to the Motor Generator (MG) at all times while the vehicle is running. The battery-monitoring unit manages discharge and recharging by the MG to keep the charge level constant.

Additionally, because a hybrid vehicle's battery emits high voltages, there is a very real risk of serious injury (or even death) if it is not handled with the proper safety precautions and equipment. This knowledge is of the utmost importance when servicing a hybrid vehicle, and even further demonstrates the need for qualified and specially trained technicians.

Our Certified HSE Locations are trained to analyze your HV battery's condition and to perform service with expertise and safety so as to keep your vehicle fully charged for its maximum range and efficiency.