Dashboard Warning Lights are your vehicle's symptoms
when it gets sick…don't ignore them!

All vehicles come with a factory-installed, industry-standard diagnostic and reporting system called the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics). This system is what is responsible for making your dashboard warning lights turn on when something goes wrong with your vehicle. They are a crucial diagnostic tool in determining the cause of a problem when something goes awry.

These computerized warnings issue specific codes for different problems within your vehicle, which are detected by specialized readers that connect to a port under your steering wheel. The OBD-II system will detect problems ranging from emissions and fuel injection to brakes and batteries and just about everything in between.

Some common dashboard warning lights include the check engine, brake malfunction/ABS, temperature gauge, battery/alternator, airbag/seatbelt, and oil pressure lights.

If you are seeing any of these (or other) warning lights on your vehicle's dashboard, it is time for immediate servicing. Visit one of our HSE Locations for an expert diagnosis and repair, and your vehicle will be on its way to a speedy recovery!