HSE is a national organization that certifies independent auto repair shops that are at the forefront of hybrid vehicle service excellence through various platforms of training and education. These shops represent high quality standards and ethical, eco-friendly business practices to the motorist, as well as helping to create the infrastructure that will support the millions of hybrid vehicles on the road today that will continue to grow in the future. HSE provides auto technicians with the training and safety education that is critical for servicing hybrid vehicles and assists shops in upholding and maintaining environmentally conscious practices within their businesses.

To the consumer, this means our hybrid-trained and certified repair shops offer a reliable alternative to dealerships when it comes to servicing their hybrid vehicles. In addition, the display of the HSE logo or banner indicates that a shop is hybrid trained and adheres to our Code of Ethics, further assuring the consumer of a shop's trustworthiness and commitment to excellence. Motorists are both relieved and excited that, through our Shop Locator System, they can now identify the nearest repair shops they can trust, that care about their customers, and support reducing the carbon footprint.

HSE has also established the Hybrid Vehicle Owners Association (HVOA) to promote awareness to hybrid owners about HSE and the hybrid vehicle industry, as well as to connect hybrid consumers with quality shops more easily. The HVOA's goal is to help the hybrid consumer by providing education on hybrid service alternatives, receive tips on how to effectively maintain their hybrid vehicle, issue updates in new technologies, and provide an easy resource in selling and selecting a new hybrid vehicle.

At HSE, our objectives are to provide the public with hybrid vehicle repairs that are affordable, to help sustain and promote small businesses, and to do our part to protect the environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Thank you for choosing the Hybrid Service Excellence network!